Triferment Forte 325mg

Triferment Forte 325mg

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Triferment Forte 325mg Pancreatina

Triferment Forte is administered to children and adults with" exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. "This occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough enzymes to digest the food. It is common for people with: cystic fibrosis, a rare genetic disease; in case of blocked pancreatic ducts; chronic pancreatic inflammation (pancreatitis); pancreatic cancer; for patients who have undergone surgery to remove a portion of the pancreas or the entire pancreas (partial or total pancreatectomy); patients who have undergone a removal operation of a portion of the stomach or the entire stomach (partial or total gastrectomy); after gastrointestinal bypass surgery. 


The recommended dose is of 1-2 Triferment Forte tablets at each meal. The maximum dose of lipase units is 15000-20000 / kgc / day.


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